Savegame import via mymc
Hello everyone,
I am currently trying to import a downloaded savegamefile (gamefaqs) to one of my memory cards. I am especially trying to do this with Final Fantasy XII but for some reason it doesn't work while with works ie. Valkyrie Profile, Shin Megami Tensei, Ratchet and Clank it does work properly.
I watched out to download a file for the correct Region (Europe) and even tried savegames of the other Regions Japan and North America.
Everytime the same result. It says "No Savegame Data found on the Memory Card"
Maybe anyone suffered the same problem (maybe even with FFXII too) or has an idea what to do.
I also tried to use different file types so a .psu .csv .cbs isntead of .psu but none of them worked either.

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What the console title say when you start the game?
There is something like [S***-*****]
What is the full name
It says SLES-54356
IIRC SLES indicates a PAL European Version, right?
Yes but not a single PAL save is for your version of the game(there is more than one PAL version of this game and each one have different ID)

1.Download the save you want and open it with this
2.Change from the Root\ID and the save name below the BESLES-54354FF1200 to 6
3.Save after that and import the save.
Well it semi-worked.
The game now does find a savegame but says it's damaged.
Maybe try another digit?
I'm having an European/German version of the game. Maybe there's a difference between idk a German and a French version wahtsoever?
Are you using cheats while loading the save(the game don't like that)
Mea culpa I jus mistyped.
Works perfectly.
Thank you very much!

But another question:
Do you have any idea how to get an old savegame of a PS2 Memory Card onto my computer to use it with pcsx2?
Do you have some cheating device on your ps2(corebreaker,armax and so on)or can your ps2 run backups(softmodes(FMCB)or hardmoded(modchip))
There are some guides here how to do that but you must have at least one of those
Nope it's just a boring absolutely regular PS2. But I think I can get hands on a cheating device. Local Gamestop is still selling those things.
Thanks for the info.

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