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Saves compatibility
Hello guys I'm having an issue with yakuza saves. I've downloaded from gamefaqs a save for the european version, which is the one i use, and successfully imported the .max into the virtual memorycard with MyMc. The game boots but when i try to load the save it crashes and the error is similar to other error i found but not the same "vtlb miss : addr 0xC, mode0" what does it mean??

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Make sure you have the European version of Yazuka Game. If not then use the save state that matches your region. Make sure the mcd001.ps2 is perfectly made.
I have the european version, but it doesn't work anyway... The .ps2 is ok i've checked it, maybe the problem is caused cos his language is different? But the versions are both european
Better have the same language too. or that might not work.
Try pressing F9 before loading the save(this will switch the video renderer to software mode which is a lot slower than hardware mode but it is possible to fix the problem)

Are you using speed hacks,what are your pcsx2/plugins settings.

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