I have download a save for naruto ultimate ninja 3 and 4...but the extension of the saves is .cbs...
I have found on the internet a way how to convert the cbs file to ps2 (the extension of memcard files) file ...but when i use pcsx2 (elf file,misc,cdfs) i recieve a i can convert the can help me to convert the cbs file...???

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Use MyMC it allows you to inport saves such as .CBS into the PCSX2 memory card.
You can get it here and there's a guide on how to use it also.
MyMc looks like a great program from my job...but i do all what it says on that site but: when i import a save from gamefaq, the save on that list has the same size like the my save...84k - 84k...
What i'm doing wrong? I open my memcard mcd001, import the file and close the program.....and nothing
1.Damaged save.
2.Unsupported save type for mymc
3.Not formatted memory card.
4.You're downloading a save that is not for your version of the game.
VSUB...if you can help me...please give me a save for Naruto Ultimate Ninja 4 with all charcter win...
...i have allready start the game naruto un 4...and naruto ultimate ninja 3...if it matters...
The USA or the European version?
european...i think....
i think is european because at language i have dutch italiana espaniol languages
(07-20-2009, 06:16 PM)SonyE Wrote: european...i think....
i think is european because at language i have dutch italiana espaniol languages

Just to be sure,check inside the both game disks for a file named S***_***.**
Tell me the name.
ind-nsun4 - the iso name
Naruto_Shippuden_Ultimate_Ninja_4_PAL_MULTI4_PS2DVD-iND - the folder name


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<----[Release Info]-------------------------------------->

Game - Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja 4
Release Date - 2009/05/13
Platform - PS2
Origin - PAL/EURO
Language - English, German, Spanish & Italian
File Name - ind-nsun4
Size - 80 x 50 Mb
Note - Previous release from VORTEX was English & French

<----[Game Info]------------------------------------->

Introducing Ultimate Ninja 4, now more ultimate than ever!
Naruto Shippuden brings a new Action Mode, new storyline,
a new world to explore, and new Ultimate Jutsu to unleash!
The fourth Ultimate Ninja saga, and the first from the
Shippuden storyline, lets you roam through the massive
world of Naruto Shippu
SonyE I would not admit to the piracy of this game. Your chances of being given a save just dropped massively.

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