Savestate can be previewed like in ePsxe or not?
I always overwrite a previous state by mistake when I wanna store a new one.I have to count how many times I pressed F2.Is there a preview or something?If yes,please tell me where to config.

I searched forum but no one talked about it,is this question too stupid?Huh

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Press ESC-button while you are playing then File --> States --> Save (Load). Choice slot that you would like to save (or Load) mistake anymore...hihiih
I see that...but only a slot number is not clear enough.I still get used of a preview scene.
But thank you anyway,it's better than counting F2 indeed.
The latest lilypad plugin has a hack that shows you in which state slot you currently are on the GSdx title bar.
For a preview like the one in epsxe a rewrite of the whole gs plugin API will be needed,so all gs plugins would have to be updated or wouldn't work anymore...
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If you play in a window, enable the console, there you can also see which state you are in when you press F2.
(05-20-2009, 01:47 PM)damieneye Wrote: If you play in a window, enable the console, there you can also see which state you are in when you press F2.
Not always help, in MGS3 console is flooded with "VU stall. Breaking execution", other messages are hard to notice
This is little problem for me too but I just look at the console to see on which state I am(I play on 640x480(or on full screen)so all of the messages don't fit in the game windows and I can't see on which state I am).The other bad thing about not been able to see what the state contains is that you have to remember on all of your games every state on which place is(for example I have 7 states on Atelier Iris 3,five states on Tales of the Abyss,eighth states on KH2 and so on and I do need and use all of those states)
If I use window mode Pcsx2 will crash at the start,and zerogs won't work out for me.Under hardmode it will be a bit slow while the character can't be correctly rendered and look a bit transparent.I guess I don't have many choice.
Thank all for reply.
well just follow what Bositman said Smile

EDIT: oh wait, you said it crashes for you on window mode? Mellow (why don't you use Gsdx?)
Windows 7 64bit
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NinjaMight just work on next guideNinja
yeah,Bositman 's solution is great,but I heard the new lilypad requires other plugins to update?(Not very sure)
I have the newest dx9.I use the PCSX2 v0.9.6 and update gsdx to the newest.I do use gdsx.
My notebook always occur strange problems....e.g under zerogs it will crash at the start and then I will see the Windows error report....Now I'm using gsdx d3d9 software mode and thank God I can play finally though it's not that fast.and I have duo core 2 cpu but it doesn't support 2 sw rend.threads,does it matter?
Another thing annoying me is when real-time rendering,the sound is very slow.How to fix it?Enlarge latency?
Thank all the authors to write this software,it must be hardWacko

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