Savestates does not work.
I played Yakuza2, SUPER ROBOT WAR Z

New PG svn636 memcards perfectly working both games.
but does not work in savestates.
click f1 key there is no response.

I returned used one.
savestats work in Yakuza2
memcard, savestats perfectly work in SUPER ROBOT WAR Z

I delete savestates all....
use svn563, 609...savestates did not work same.

I wonder why does not work, savestates.
This sympton is just my case?

Sorry to my poor English....
I have used the Google translation.

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*it's gonna be tricky scenario
neither you use the previous pcsx2 build's savestate then reach the normal save
then change to 636,go to Memcard--->Click Select Mcd(Left side) then find the memcard file where you did save in the old build...don't forget to back-up like copy the memcard file in-like
Flash memory or other sub-folders.
*or wait for the next beta
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I solved problem myself.

Controller plugin is the cause of this problem.

Change controller setting like below
Second...Lily pad
memcards, savestates work perfectly.

Thanks for your help~~

Good job...PP team~~
I had the same problem and if to be correct an Esc button didn't work as well in fullscreen mode. I used xpad plugin on both controllers. Fortunately this solution works for me too Smile Btw its no need to use exactly Lily pad as second controller plugin; other keyboard plugins are also working..Smile
So its looks like Xpad messed with this build.

thanks to farcher!!!

PS. close the thread and rename it if possible to "Savestates and Esc doesn't work with Pg svn 658". I think this will help people with search...

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