Hey. I've been trying to get PCSX2 to work all day. I have a mac, running snow leopard.

I can get the games to run but I can't seem to get them to save. When I hit 'f1' for the save state it just adjusts the contrast on my monitor, none of the other f keys respond either. The command for fullscreen also will not respond. The controls in the game work, but not the controls for PCSX2 itself.
I must have done something wrong.
If I try to save in the game it tells me my memory cards need to be formatted yet they can not format. I'm not sure what people mean when they say to format the memory card in the bios.

I've looked around the forum for answers but I haven't found any. I'm sorry if this has been addressed before. I'm far from an expert, I would really appreciate some help.

Thank you for your time.

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1) You have to hold the "fn" key on macs to get the normal function of the F-keys.
2) The closest you can get to running pcsx2 in fullscreen on mac is through the X11 menu under preferences. You then set the window size of pcsx2 from the graphics config to your monitor resolution.
3) To format the memory card in the bios, in the pcsx2 blue menu, click file>run bios (no disc) then you'll be "playing" the main ps2 boot menu after which you can select browser and format your memory cards.

There you go!
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