Saving Action Replay Codes
Hey guys, if this isn't the correct part of the forums I sincerely apologise. I've recently got back into MK Shaolin Monks and obviously I've gotten used to using the character codes such as Kintaro and the like, however everytime I load up my Action Replay through my emulator I have to enter the codes again. Is there a way to make sure the codes save on the AR on my emulator or am I going to have to suck it up and manually enter the codes each time?

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Use cheat files called *.pnach.

In the console log of the emulator when it starts it should show you a line called: CRC=0xABCDEF1 << example in this case.
Go with that number to and in the lower right corner you should see a white field saying Enter Keywords.
Paste it in there and then Search thread, no doubt someone has cheats for your version of the game.

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