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Saying no cheats found when pnach name matches CRC
Cheats only work for me if I double click the exe. Every time I use the desktop shortcut it says "No cheats found".
Thanks to everyone who works on PCSX2 and its components. It's awesome to play on PC and it just keeps getting better!

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hey guys, could you please make that a little simpler for me. i keep getting Patches: No CRC, using 00000000 instead.
Overall 0 Cheats loaded

this is the code im using is there anything wrong with it

and the file name is 0BAA8DD8.pnach is saved as a note pad

gametitle=Dark Cloud [SCES_502.95] (EU) PAL
comment=patches by Jlagreen

comment=Infinite CASH

comment=Infinite Health Toan

comment=Infinite Health Xion

comment=Infinite Health Goro

comment=Infinite Health Ruby

comment=Infinite Health Ungaga

comment=Infinite Health Osmond

comment=Never Thirsty Toan

comment=Never Thirsty Xion

comment=Never Thirsty Goro

comment=Never Thirsty Ruby

comment=Never Thirsty Ungaga

comment=Never Thirsty Osmond

comment=Inf Fishing Points

comment=Weapons Do Not Take Damage

comment=1 Fight For Weapon Level Up

comment=Level Up Weapon For Max Stats
Please don't post your issue in multiple topics, especially old ones like these.
You already have your own topic, wait for someone to respond there.
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(07-03-2012, 03:21 AM)jlwmanagement Wrote: I Believe i have the same problem would you care to enlighten me on how to fix as simply as possible it would be much appreciatedĀ 
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