Saying thank you for a job well done.
Well I just want to say hello and tell you that I installed the program and I would have to say you guys did an excellent job! So far I only tried one game, Final Fantasy X but it runs so perfect. I get a constant 60 FPS during the entire play with no stutters and very little artifacts, ones that are so small they don't even bother me the slightest. Not even very noticeable... maybe I should make a video showing your nice work.

I don't know about others but reading through this thread I see they seem to have lots of problems. Maybe the specs I don't know.

But to throw it out there I am running this emulator with these specs...

Intel Core2 Quad Q9550 2.83 GHZ with 2 cores disabled through my BIOS.
4 gigs of Patriot Viper Series PC-8500 1066 MHZ RAM
1x Nvidia BFG TECH GeForce GTX260 OC 216 core
Nvidia 750i SLI Motherboard
Integrated Realtek Audio drivers which by the way seem to work fine.

I disabled 2 cores from my CPU because it seems to have better compatibility with lots of games/programs and I see no loss in performance. Well keep up the good work and I'm looking forward to seeing more games working so well on this program. Thank you for making something that actually works... and damn good at that.

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