Scarface settings
Just wondering if anyone has settings for Scarface to have it run smoothly?
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Thanks for any help!  Biggrin

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there is a gamefix called "VU I-Bit Hack" which is mainly for Scarface, I recommend using it for performance Smile
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(07-13-2016, 11:53 PM)refraction Wrote: there is a gamefix called "VU I-Bit Hack" which is mainly for Scarface, I recommend using it for performance Smile

I appreciate your response but I don't see that anywhere in the settings.  I have looked all through the speed hacks, game fixes and plug-in settings and don't see it.  The closest to that is under game fixes: VU Add Hack, VU Clip Flag Hack or VU XGkick Hack.... running version 1.4.0.  Am I missing something??  Thanks
Hmm, I thought it was in 1.4.0, grab the latest git/development buil, it will be in there Smile
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OK I have downloaded both the .zip file and the dev.tar file unzipped both of them into their own folders but am lost from there. I'm not sure which package I should be using and don't see a launch application in either one. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!
I don't know what you downloaded, but you need to download the latest build from here:
Sweet..Got it.... OK got the 1.5 up and running.  I see the Hack for Scarface and have it enabled.  The game looks good now but is running in slow motion.  I have tried alot of different settings in cycle rate etc.  Can't get it up to speed.  I'm not a genius when it comes to all these settings in skipping and limiting etc.  If anyone has it running proper at close to 100% can you tell me what the emulation settings are that you are using?  I really wanna get back into this game haven't played in years!  Appreciate it!  Wacko
AMD isn't very good for emulation since STP is kind of crap. What are the %%% on the top of your screen?
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Got it.. through some more tweaking I'm running between 97 and 103% speed now. VU I-Bit Hack, EE cyclerate 2, VU cyclerate 2, Open GL hardware native with CRC hack at partial. Only about 10 minutes in but so far so good. Keepin my fingers crossed! Thanks for the help guys!
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Anyone find a way to fix the rage bug that leaves the bottom half the screen purple?

I do have the game fix enabled and am using the latest build.

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