Scp dinput and settings
1) The first problem i have with SCPToolkit is that Service settings -> Skip occupied doesn't work. I have 2 xbox 360 wired controllers and scp always maps my 2 ps3 bluetooth controllers to pad #1 and pad #2 not matter what i do.

2)  Secondly, is it possible to sync ps3 controllers and dinput controllers over bluetooth for support in games that support more than 4 controllers like gang beats. xinput limit is 4. I've tried vjoy and its limit is also 4 and i have the same problems as stated in 1)


3) When i use the quick disconnect combo the controllers turn off but stay connected even though i have the set to unplug. When i turn back on the controllers there are now addtional xbox 360 controllers registered creating more than 4 controllers and stopping some controllers from working properly since it passes xinput 4 controller limit... are there no alternatives to scp ?

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