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ScpToolkit (XInput Wrapper aka ScpServer Reloaded)
here is my controller dump

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Here's my controller dump. I have an Acteck AGJ-3350.

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.txt   Generic USB Joystick _hid-report.dump.txt (Size: 12,77 KB / Downloads: 23)
SOMEONE HELP ME, im freaking out here!

I installed everything 4x and i always got stuck at the same spot. 
My pc recognize my ps3 controler but the host address is "disconnected - pad one: DS3 04:76:6E:CLaugh2:48 - USB 00032983 (RANDOM NUMBERS) CHARGING"
if i click on the input test it recognize every button!
i just have to fix that host address.
someone help me, plz.

.zip (Size: 116,66 KB / Downloads: 33) This is my debug log.
After the download of the file and I try unzipping it keeps saying file damaged or format not supported
Problem fixed.
DS3 not working after PC restart.
DS3 connected to Win7 PC via USB cable. Installation of SCP Toolkit goes OK and DS3 works fine. However when I restart the PC after a shutdown the DS3 does not work, tha only way I can get it to work is by running the toolkit installer again.
I have checked the SCP server and that is set to run automatically in Windows services and even I run it manually the DS3 still won't work.
I'm a new user so maybe I'm doing something wrong.
Any suggestions?

I'm using this on Windows 10 Pro 64-bit and it works great for me now. I have a genuine Sony DS3 and an Insignia Bluetooth 4.0 adapter that I got at Best Buy. Initially, I had a problem with PCSX2 crashing whenever the pressure sensitivity patch was applied. After I started paying attention to the popups, I was able to figure out that MS's DirectX libraries (which are needed for the toolkit to work) are not installed in Win10 Pro by default. After installing those, it works perfectly. I use it on PCSX2 (with pressure sensitivity), ePSXe, Dolphin, Kega Fusion, and SNES9x without issues. Thanks for a great product!
Lurking until I can fix my desktop...
When I installed the package it told me to give permission to some Bruce guy?? Should I be giving him permission? I am a bit worried now. All I wanted to play was some NFS and FIFA
Edit: Nevermind. System restore resolved.

I use latest version of SCP Driver Package (from Scarlet.Crush thread) with genuine SIXAXIS controller. Almost everything is working properly, but I feel that triggers (L2 and R2) and analog sticks are not 100% sensitive. I mean its' "working range" are about ~80%. Rest 20% are just deadzone. For example R2 @ 80% has the same force like @ 100 %.

It's not the games fault, because I checked it in Windows Controllers menegament.

Does this, reloaded version of driver fix this problem?

Thanks in advance.


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