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ScpToolkit (XInput Wrapper aka ScpServer Reloaded)
I'm using the lastest stable release. Everything is working except connecting the controller via bluetooth.
In the scpMonitor, after I uplugged the controller, the status changed to Reserved. I saw online videos and the controller would immediately switch to bluetooth mode.

My bluetooth dongle is supported, and when I plug in the dongle, the bottom-right notifications say it's compatible with DS3 and DS4 controller.

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Hello Everyone.
After I finished installing SCP Driver package for my DS3 Controller in Windows 10 64 bit, everything seem fine at first, every button work properly except both Left and Right Analog Sticks that keep pointing in upper left direction and won't move an inch. Much appreciate if Anybody know to fix this.

This is screenshot from Properties menu, every button work except analog sticks.

This is screenshot from SCPUser, notice the value in red circle? It won't change not matter what I did.

I formatted my SSD and installed windows 7 64, when I click the share and home button to connect Bluetooth I get this:

This didn't happen before formatted.


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