Screen Problems Associated with PCXS2?
Hello, everyone!
I was just wondering if running PCSX2 is strenuous for the computer in any way because lately my computer is starting to show horizontal lines on the bottom half of the screen. It changes colors and sometimes disappears when I turn the computer on. Once when I was running the program, the lines immediately popped up a few seconds afterwards. Maybe this problem doesn't have anything to do with PCSX2 at all, but I want to know that if it is possible. Thanks a lot for helping!

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Sounds like you're having overheating problems, is that a laptop or a desktop pc?
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It's a Compaq Presario CQ50 laptop computer. I got it almost three years ago, and I use it almost daily.
PCSX2 wouldn't cause that anymore than other apps that use the CPU/GPU big time. That looks more like monitor/screen problems, or maybe videocard could be giving up.
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Hmm......perhaps I should take my computer to be repaired and get a new video card if that's the problem. Strange though, my computer is still fairly new and it should last longer than that without having any major problems. Come to think of it, its cooling fan works harder lately as the computer heats up pretty high. It even shut itself down one day because it overheated. Is there anything I could do to prevent this from happening in the future (Now that I am relieved to know that PCSX2 isn't the cause of it) ?
Keep your pc clean of dust, thats the best way to avoid it happening Smile

take the side off and give it a good clean out, especially underneath the cpu fan and gpu fans.

Paint brushes do the job very well Smile
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Well, that's that then. Many thanks to everyone who helped! Biggrin

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