Screen Shake that isn't Interlacing? - Half Solved
Hey everyone, I'll get right to the point.

I've run into a screen shaking issue that doesn't seem to be tied to interlacing.  I googled around but could only find forum reports on sites about screen shake being fixed with F5, so I thought this was worth posting.  I have an issue where the screen shakes not because of interlacing options, but it simply starts shaking every time the resolution changes until I so much as look at my settings, then when the screen refreshes it fixes.  I'll go into more detail now.

I'm on PCSX2 1.4.0.  I'll explain my tests, how I solved the screen shake, and ask if you guys have any idea of how to do this better.

I came back to playing on PCSX2 after a few years of not using it and updated to the newest version.  I've tested the games WWE Smackdown vs Raw 2006 to 2010, as well as Resident Evil Outbreak.  They all have screen shake.  At first I fixed it just by hitting F5 and going through interlacing options till I found a good one, but it would continue to shake as soon as the game switched mode.  For example, in any of the WWE games it would start shaking if going into a match, going into a post match celebration, or going into the menu.  At first I assumed that they all required different interlacing options but I later figured out that was wrong.

I switched to playing Resident Evil Outbreak and everything was fine for hours until it started shaking again after a cutscene.  I fixed it by cycling interlace options.  I got another cutscene and it started shaking again, and I fixed it by accident going into emulation options and changing the aspect ratio to stretch and back by accident.  That's when I realised that the interlace cycling was not fixing the issue, just going into any graphics option that forces the game to refresh the screen fixed it.

I then also realised that the interface option couldn't have been fixing it, because it was always the exact same setting that I'd end up going to that looked best.  If the screen started shaking on Bob ttf, I'd just cycle my way back to Bob ttf and it would be fixed.

So all I have to do to fix the shaking is go into my emulation menu and leave pretty much.  Normally I'd suck it up and just do that, but I do YouTube and live streaming for a living, and it's not always possible to edit around having to pause every 10 minutes to stop some shaking.  Especially if I'm live streaming.  I can't just crack out my old PS3 that has backwards compatibility either because let's be honest, PCSX2 upscaled PS2 games look WAY nicer than actually playing on a PS2 or PS3 and I want to bring my viewers the best quality I can.

TL;DR - My games start shaking almost every time the resolution changes regardless of interlacing options, and it's fixed by changing any graphics option at all so that it has to refresh the screen

So, any ideas on how to keep it from shaking in the first place?

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Could you post a picture of your GDSX settings? I might have an inkling but can't confirm till i see it.
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Here you go.  I toyed around with these quite a bit but haven't had any luck keeping the issue from happening.

Direct3D9 and Direct3D11 seem to be giving me the same results.  I've also tried messing around with a lot of those HW Hacks, but no luck with that either.  I thought the half pixel offset fixed it for a moment, but that turned out to just be due to it refreshing the screen.

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Have you tried opengl? Also, See if reducing your x8 native will do anything. And if you don't see any difference there. try the 1.5.0 latest GIT from It is odd that you are getting screen shake that is the same for two different games.
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Yeah, I was super surprised when it started happening in Resident Evil Outbreak. I could understand it happening in a bunch of WWE games since they were all made in the same engine at that time, but I never remembered the shaking issue happening when I used to play them on emulator 3 or 4 years ago.

I'll go try those things out and get back to you, thanks for the help!
I would try to help more, But I don't have the games. And I probably have a hugely different system then you. So if it happens to be a hardware problem then I cannot help.
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Didn't have any luck with those ideas. One thing I have found though is that "auto" for interlacing doesn't always seem to pick the best option.

For instance in WWE Smackdown vs Raw 2007, menus look best in Bob tff and matches look best in Bob bff. Each setting will make the opposite thing shake. Auto handles some of it sometimes, but makes it blurry, as if it's selecting an option that removes shake but not the best one. Even then, it still shakes on every loading screen and some random menus. It seems like whenever the resolution changes, it panics.

At first I thought it was just in those WWE games, but apparently it's just common in those as it changes resolutions constantly. Resident Evil Outbreak is completely different but I did have that shake a couple of times and it was just solved by switching my setting, then switching it right back to the same thing. I really wish I could test it more in Resident Evil Outbreak to figure out if there is anything else in common but it's pretty rare in that game. I could only get it to happen on one map, it didn't happen every time the cutscene started, but every time it did start it would keep going through the rest of the game till I changed my settings to something else and back.
Then maybe it really is just something with those games.
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