Screen Tearing
I am not sure if it is called screen tearing, but when the ingame video shows i see several vertical lines from top to bottom and when I play the characters have an extra image (which you can barely see) and the bottom part of the screen looks a little odd. Other than that the picture looks good. I get this error when i uncheck native resolution and use D3D internal res. No matter which resolutions I use I still get the problem. Native is the only one working without a problem, but the graphics doesn't look good. I tried using VSync without result.
I am using the latest version, Pcsx2 0.9.7.
Any idea how to fix this issue?

I am using:
C2D E6600 @3,2ghz
Win 7 64-bit

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You can't. That's the problem with playing at anything other than native res. The upscaling (done by GSDX) isn't perfect, and cannot accurately shift every model and texture and do the necessary work (sorry, don't have enough expertise on it to give a real technical explanation). The issue is commonly referred to as "ghosting," I believe.
So, is this a problem with every game you play, or something in particular?
It's a known problem in FFX and FFX-2 in which case just set skipdraw hack to "1"

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