Screen Tearing with Directx, but not with OpenGL
Hello everyone.

I get horrible screen tearing with Kingdom Hearts 2 Final Mix with DirectX 9 or 11, but not with OpenGL. The tearing is especially apparant in the mining area of the Final Mix exclusive dungeon(Cavern of Remembrance).

I have enabled VSync in both PCSX2 and Nvidia Control Panel. Aero is disabled except for font smoothing.

My system is a i7-4790K, GTX 970 so it's not a lack of resources.

OpenGL has some rendering issues in a few parts of the game so I would prefer to use DirectX. Does anyone have any ideas to solve the DirectX screen tearing?

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Did you try enabling Windows Aero?
Are you certain it's screen tearing? There are some glitches I've seen in PCSX2 that appear to be screen tearing but are actually texture issues.
Vsync has no effect on windowed games when used from nvcp

And if Aero is disable Vsync for some reason is disabled in windowed apps too even if pcsx2 has vsync checked, and only works in full screen (exclusive ) at lest on the DX side of things.
It was Aero actually. I thought it was enabled when I tested earlier. I switched it on with the themes and DirectX 11 Hardware renderer no longer tears. Thankyou xemnas99. I just built this computer so I wasn't sure what the issue was.

@bomblord Yes, I tested it by gliding between the two spots of the mining area which produced a predictable tear that was independent of the cavern walls. There was a texture glitch on the floor platform just infront of the door in the mining area on the OpenGL backend that was reproducible.

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