Screenshot command?
So far I've been making screen grabs of my brain with the "Print Screen" key, but this is very slow because I have to make an instance of MS Paint, paste in the screen, and save it with a unique name. Steam's overlay doesn't seem to work with PCSX2 (which is a damn shame because I'd love to screenshot the ***** out of this emulator's great job with P4 so far).

I have FRAPS installed but I'd prefer to have something that I don't have to worry about key rebindings to use. I know there is a video record tool in the game (which incidentally is bound to the same key Steam uses for screenshots by default), but I'd like to grab some stills here and there without getting tons of video I don't need.

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F8, as seen in the hotkey section of the readme.
[Image: newsig.jpg]
Guess I must have missed that part of the readme. Thanks! This should make my life a LOT easier.

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