Screenshots issue for some games
there is something odd (?) about screenshots of some games (Onimusha 3 and Shadow of Rome) their resolution is 512x224 even with no-interlacing patches, and when I scale them to 512x448 in nearest neighbor they are far too pixelated which I think is far from how the game should really I tried scaling them in Lanczos and it's much better (sharper than BFF + Anti Blur and not pixelated unlike Nearest of course) but I doubt that it's really accurate. Are there better solutions in these cases?

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i think i got it for the most part: comparing with a weave bff screenshot it's clear that for these games "interlacing: none" just combines the lines, that's why these screenshots are wrong...
what i still don't understand is why no-interlacing patches don't change the quality for these games and lines are still combined on screenshots?, don't all ps2 games use progressive backbuffers even at 240p?

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