Seeing Double
Been looking on site and on Google for the past couple days with no luck.
When playing NFS Carbon, I am seeing a blur / double background. When i stop driving everything goes back to normal, I am curious if it is normal for this to happen on the emulator vs the PS2 system.
Also, in Armored Core Nexus, there is constantly double vision. Both are still playable but it is a little annoying. I do not have pictures for AC Nexus, but NFS Carbon pics are attached.
Just looking for any thoughts or recommendations for fixes.
Thank You.

CPU: i7-4790k
GPU: NVidia gtx970
PCSX@ 1.4.0

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try skipdraw. it's in the hw hacks in the gsplugin settings.
Hey Vasryn,
Not sure if this will help you with your game or not, but I had luck fixing a similar issue in GTA San Andreas by following these steps:
  1. Click Config > Video > Plugin Settings...
  2. Check 'Enable HW Hacks' checkbox
  3. Click 'Configue Hacks' button
  4. Turn 'Skipdraw' up by 1
  5. Return to your game and see if you're still having the issue, if you are repeat steps 4 & 5 until the issue is fixed
You might also want to try checking 'Half-pixel Offset' & 'Alpha' as those seemed to help me in San Andreas. Not sure if they'll help you though.
Good luck!
Thank you both. Managed to get rid of the double by putting the skip draw to around 10 with the Half-pixel Offset checked. With Alpha checked, it made it foggy and removed the roads on my HUD map so I'm leaving it unchecked. Still have a few extremely minor lighting issues but making small adjustments to make it better.
Thank you! GTA was unplayable with that effect
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