Seek and Destroy not displaying title screen
None of the rendering methods will display the title screen at all. It's just black with music playing. 
The only time I can sometimes get the title screen to display is when I disable the frame limiter to speed through the intros. 
Then I get a flickering title screen, but if I go to new game, black screen again. 

I've tried a bunch of hardware hacks but nothing seems to do much of anything.

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Can you post your GSdx settings please?
[Image: K2HK82J.png]
So, with native resolution, I can actually get this:
Flashing title with black screen afterwards. I once was able to input my name. 
If I choose any upscaling, I turn on the 'unscale point and line' thing to fix the cutscenes looking all gross. 
However, then I don't get any title screen at all no matter what I do.
Ok so I just redownloaded the emulator, reset all my settings, selected openGL, and it works just fine now.
Idk why I break this thing so easily. I mess with the settings all the time to fix little things, but I swear I put everything back to normal afterwards.
But still I run into things like this.

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