Seeking Help for Little Problem

I have a long problem with the PCSX2, it's not major, but I consider it annoying. I'm currently using version

Problem one is, the background input. I don't mind controller background input (in fact it's helpful), but the PCSX2 also register keyboard background input. In the most likely scenario that I use other programs, the game could messed up because I pressed F2, F3, Tab, Insert, Delete, and other hotkeys. Is there anyway to disable the background input? (Solution found - Use Windows messaging Input API for keyboard)

Problem two is the volume control (Windows 7 and above). Every time I start the PCSX2, I have to reconfigure its volume control since it always start at 100%. Is there any way to prevent this?

Problem three is the set resolution can't seem to stick to 1840 * 1035. The vertical keeps reverting to 1032. I have a 1080 vertical screen so 1035 fits nicely with my taskbar on the left side. However, the vertical resolution keep reverting to 1032 every time I start the PCSX2.

Thank you in advance! Smile

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Downloaded other pcsx2 again man and tryng more one time,restart.

Here the full imulator
Tried using SVN 5800.

I remedied the keyboard problem by selecting Windows Messaging on LilyPad Input API settings.

And then I noticed another problem, added it to OP.
You can detail you new problem?
I already added it to first post.

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