Segmentation Error in FFXII ZJS?
Hi all, I haven't posted anything here but I was hoping to get some help from you lovely experts Laugh
I'm not great with computers but I managed to get PCSX2 running on my mac. I have Mavericks, PSCX2 version 0.9.6
I've been playing FFXII Zodiac Job System with little to no problems but now I am trying to get into the Tomb of Raithwall and it keeps quitting on me. There is a device the character has to touch in order to get inside the building after which I think a cut scene is supposed to play. I click "touch the device" on the menu, the screen goes blank and PCSX2 quits on me. Everything else seems to load up fine.

The log says:

Offset 0xa9c0000 invalid. Legit SIGSEGV. Aborting.
Segmentation fault: 11

I can run the bios by itself just fine as well.

I have an iMac,
OSX 10.9.5
2.7 GHz intel core i5

Any help is appreciated!

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Sounds like it could be a problem with your rip. I would also update to the newest PCSX2. Version 0.9.6 is extremely outdated.
start by re-ripping your ISO from your original DISC.
And this could help too
CPU : AMD Ryzen 7 3800X
Mobo : Asus PRIME B450-PLUS
GPU : NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3070
RAM : 16 Go
I re-ripped and the problem persisted. I see 0.9.7 says it's a pre-beta? Does that mean it hasn't really been fully tested despite coming out in 2012? Sorry if that's a dumb question.
I managed to get it working by turning off EERec which got me into the dungeon, then I turned it back on again and it was all well and good Smile
And I will definitely check out that PSCX2-CE, thanks for the link!

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