Select BIOS rom (what is this )?
AngryI Downloaded Pcsx2 and opend it but its keep telling me to select BISO rom why .... i dont understand ?Glare

archerko: i only edited the thread title, honestly

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you forgot to extract your bios from your actual ps2.
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from where can i get BOIS rom .... pleace help meeeee /// i downloaded Pcsx2 from here >>>>> >>>>>>>> PCSX2 0.9.8 Installer .....
Did you even read what tallbender posted?
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its a long story i just want a sample way
(05-03-2012, 01:43 AM)Amro Wrote: its a long story i just want a sample way

you mean simple way???

if what you meant was downloading BIOS, please refrain from doing that coz it is illegal..

just follow the guide, it's really worth itBiggrin
Yeah it's actually pretty rewarding. When you get to the part where information is flashing rapidly on the screen you can pretend you're in living in the Matrix.
Like, I hate to sound mean, but if you're not savvy enough to work out how to *obtain* a playstation 2 bios file, you probably shouldn't be trying to run PCSX2.

The PS2 Bios is like a hickey. It's really awkward to explain where you got it without incriminating yourself... @_@
I was new in these things ... and now i just finished reading the Guide and thank God it was translated to my language ..... but thanks after all
i think this guy already downloaded a pirate bios so can anyone close this thread? its already useless

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