Selecting An Iso
Every place I read says using an iso file you have created is the best way. Several of the menus have been changed around in 0.9.7 so I just want to make sure I have the most optimal setup since the official guide has not been updated.

Under CDVD-Iso Selector, I have selected my ISO file.
Under CDVD-Plugin Menu - Config/Options I have selected the drive that I mounted the iso to with Daemon.
Finally under CDVD I have plugin selected.

With what I said originally, I don't seem to be running it 100% directly from the iso file. If I select run from ISO under the CDVD menu, I get the "CDVD failed to open error".

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right, the ISO mounts in PCSX2, you can't mount it with deamon tools, or virtual clonedrive (etc) and then mount it on PCSX2, leave it unmounted, pcsx2 mounts it on its own
Don't mount the ISO anywhere, in fact unmount it first since you had it mounted already. Just use the ISO selector and make sure "Iso" is selected under the CDVD menu.
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The ISO-Selector is like build in iso loader(without selecting plugin).To use the ISO selector the image must not be used by any other program(Daemon Tools and so on)

If you choose ISO Selector(CDVD=>ISO),choosing plugin from the Plugin/Bios Selector is pointless because your are using the ISO Selector,not the plugin

If you select from CDVD=>Plugin option,then you must set your plugin.For ISOs just use Linuzappz ISO without mounting the ISO(you'll get an error if you do).If you set Gigaherz CDVD for your plugin,then you must mount the ISO or choose your DVD-ROM if you are going to use your disk.
Thanks for all the help guys, all your posts were very informative.

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