Semi-Experienced pnach maker needs assistance
The code you posted was encrypted by using CodeBreaker v1 encryption and I just decrypt the code with my converter which is actually using omniconvert to do that but as a hidden process.

There are many sites for codes but the codes are usually not raw and you need to decrypt them by using the correct decryption type(I can almost always tell what encryption the codes are using(if they are not raw)...the knowledge comes from experience))

Codes for NTSC(USA) games only
Mostly for PAL games

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Thank you very much i downloaded omniconvert ill mess with it on how to decrypt properly so that way i can use the raw codes myself. i dont like having to ask for codes from different games so if im able do it myself i can further help others as you have helped me
Does anyone have a code for increasing the amount of skills points you win at the end of battle, so skills can be leveled up faster?
(10-13-2014, 11:09 PM)Ultima Weapon Wrote: Does anyone have a code for increasing the amount of skills points you win at the end of battle, so skills can be leveled up faster?

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Congrats on getting the codes to work. Since PCSX2 is one of the very few emulators that you can use Cheat Engine with without messing with a lot of settings. I use cheat engine a lit myself considering the games I seem to like to play have like 4 codes for them. Like my Dot hack games. Like screwing with enemy hp values and making enemies that are infected mortal.. Or in Persona 3 FES fight with Elizabeth to modify her hp. also see her stats. and set them to 255. Even though "max" stats are 99 you can make her normal attack does 9999.. Just takes a little time.
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(08-07-2012, 10:25 PM)vsub Wrote: Items in this game are slot based,for example and for the item always use 1(because game uses two bytes for the item...because there are over 1500 items in this game)and for the amount,always use 0(because you can't have more than 99 of each item)
Slot 1 - Heal Potion(2BE) and have 10 of it
Slot 2 - Heal Bottle(2BF)
Slot 3 - Empty(000)
Slot 4 - Empty(000)

Moving\Arranging the Heal Potion to slot 3 will switch the values of slot 3 to slot 1 and slot 1 values will go to slot 3(what kind of item it is and the amount of it)

Also each item screen is continuation,it doesn't start from 1 on each item screen.
I've done a lot of cheating in that game,so just tell me what kind of cheats you want(I even made custom accessories that gives you the best abilities and one of them allows you to heal from the received damage and doing Mystic Arc any time you want without any cost(even after the guard skill Final Blow which reduces the block to 1...imagine the damage from 10x Mystic Art Tongue2...and after getting a lot of ATK power later in the game)

I always do those kind of codes for games that I already be able to instantly switch to immortal mode and revert back to normal mode whenever I want Tongue2
How do I custom make accessories?
I would like to make 3 accessories with Str Bonus. Int bonus, Hp bonus, men bonus. def bonus and agi bonus ...

Can you help me?
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