Serious Sam Next Encounter Online, Assistance Needed
Hello guys and gals,

I've recently been attempting to access the Online exclusive Multiplayer Levels in Serious Sam Next Encounter. I have tried the DS9 method numerous times with different settings and configurations from the tips and helps in the forums, to no luck. The farthest I've reached is the DNAS test inside the game after passing the one Network Disc, only for it to give me an error 603, which basically tells me that my internet/modem connection is the problem.

Please, I would like to ask for help from any of you: If one kind soul could check if the game servers are still online, I would be assured that it's my end that's the problem. Truly, much appreciated for the help with reliving my nostalgia factor.

A second question: If the servers are indeed dead (and since this game doesnt seem to support LAN, therefore no XlinkKai)

What would be the way if I wanted to play a specific level inside the game's files? They don't appear to be accessible through cheats, and I don't know if the emulator could load them up individually.

Neither can I do it through another program, as the 3d world is in .W and the textures are .T files, and as far as I know, both are coding language, the latter being Turing.

Please help,



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Um, anyone?
Please, If someone does know a way, I would appreciate it enormously.
If it is an ps2 version then the most of the ps2 game server are down for now ! Its possible for that game too!
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