Serious lag in Linux
Okay, I Use both Linux and windows, Mostly Linux, I've found though that running in linux instead of getting the 48 FPS I did in windows I get 0.2 FPS. This is a little upsetting to me, It would seem the hardware is capable but I'm snubbing up linux side, and using mostly linux It's kind of hindering to have to reboot and go to windows just to use an emulator. (My ps2 the drive wore out.)

wondering if you guys could help me figure this out.

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Gamename, please. Some game have such issues under linux.
Shadow Hearts.

Edit: Is there a lost of games that don't function properly in Linux?
In any case hope to figure out if it's just the game, or my system causing issues.
That game is putting a lot of stress on the GS plugin.
GSdx has many optimizations that make it work nicely, but yea, Windows.

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