Set a hotkey for a PAD swap?
At a certain point of game(s) I have a need to change the configurated keys I've set up at PAD1 & PAD2 tabs. What I'm doing in such cases is I'm stopping the game, going to configs, swapping the pads and continue to play until same thing happens next.

Not a big deal, but not too convenient either. Ability to set a hotkey for PAD swap would be peachy.

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You can try xpadder. Every xpadder profile has 8 presets that can be chahged with a hotkey.
I'm.. not sure how that might help?

Besides, I only use a keyboard.
If you have to do that when playing, maybe you just set things wrong?
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I'm playing Silent Hill 4, there's first and third person perspective. Setting mouse as camera is convenient in first person, while in second case it can be little inconvenient because the third person camera movement isn't that good in SH4 and it just jumps to and fro when I use mouse keys and wheel, naturally because I'm also moving mouse.
So I'm just switching camera movement through mouse when I'm at third/first person using PAD 1/2.
Have you tried to map the keyboard method AND the mouse to pad1 ? You can have multiple controls assigned to the same thing. That way instead of swapping configs, all you have to do is... well... use your mouse when you want to, and not using it when you don't.
[Image: nbKSK.jpg]
See, that's the thing, of course I can config numpad same as mouse, but it won't be that convenient.
I'm more of a mouse gaming, I don't want not to use it. For me it's better even if I have to do the pause-and-swap trick.
..And that's what causes my obsession about swap hotkey.

Heck. Just thought I found a workaround using Lock Direction hotkey, but.. It's not locking direction hard enough :D - camera's still moving, although it locks at given position.

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