Set lower internal framerate?
Okay, so my question is; instead of having the virtual machine try to render 50/59.94FPS by default and slowing down if rendering less, does the frame skipping settings help with normalization of speed by dropping frames?

Does it drop the target frame rate to keep the virtualization speed normal, if not, why not? Why is this not an option to have it occur automatically?

Okay, so if it does do this, than what settings should I have it at to set it to render about 25FPS by default and that be the machines normal speed? My rig isn't powerful enough to run this at full FPS, and being a gaming laptop, its non upgradeable. I have the settings set to constantly skip but I still get noticeable slow down even when below the "frames to draw" target, it doesn't seem to drop the number i told it to skip.

Can someone explain to me how to best utilize the benefits of this feature? Blush

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Frame skipping only really helps when your graphics card or GS thread is the one slowing you down, if it's the CPU it may just give shoppy/skippy framerates without a speedup.

Setting the NTSC/PAL framerates lower manually can help ingame with some games but not for all of them (when it works fine you get a speedup but when it doesn't work you either kill the game or just get the exact same slowdown as before but with lower FPS so feeling more jumpy/skippy) and in almost all cases you kill the syncronication specially with FMVs, in this case having it being done automatically would be a really bad idea.
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