Setting up res in pcsx2, not working?
Hoping someone can help me abit, i'm pretty sure i'm setting up the directx pluging correctly (GSdx10 v 0.1.4) but the res doesnt seem to be 1920x1080 (my native res)

Is their a reason for this?

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Are you using the latest public beta?

Post a screen shot of you GSdx plugin settings.

[Image: pcsx2.jpg]

Think these are the correct settings! but it starts the game in a window aswell...which is also not teh correct res oddly enough XD
Okay, download the latest public beta.

And yes, "Direct3D11" will work fine if your GPU only supports dx10. (I'm guessing you might wonder Wink)
GSdx10 is a much older version of GSdx, try using the one included in the beta (GSdx 0.1.16 3693).

Also to go Full-Screen you should use Alt+Enter which will use the desktop's resolution/refresh rate.
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Quote:And yes, "Direct3D11" will work fine if your GPU only supports dx10. (I'm guessing you might wonder Wink)

Lol no, i know my way around a rig easily, i've got a dx11 capable card (GTX460 1gb SSC)

I'm on my laptop atm so cant download the beta, will do this as soon as i get the on my pc later,

I use alt and enter to go full screen, doesn't look like it resizes, looks more stretched to me.

Thanks for the help so far chaps!
Have tried it, and although i can set up the res now, i seem to be having alot of jags in every edge possible....i run it in dx11 mode, does the same with dx9 mode, however if i use software mode it looks i still missing something??
Yeah, something's wrong there. Software mode forces native resolution, so it should look worse. However, software mode does a great job clearing up graphic issues...

FWIW, what game is this? Some games don't support widescreen natively, so they do have to be stretched to fit.
Well it's kingdom hearts 1,
Post a screenshot of the settings with the new GSdx plugin you're using and a screenshot of the game running at native res and custom res
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