Settings for Best Graphics on Champions of Norrath?
My pc is connected via HDMI to a 1080p tv, is there any setting to improve how the game looks other than increasing the internal resolution? I have it at 3x but the game still looks blurry and using custom res makes the halfscreen bug appear.

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Use a real monitor instead of a TV, or sit further away from the TV.
Wow great advice thanks I hadn't thought of that...
It will vary from manufacturer to manufacturer (sometimes from line to line in a manufacturers catalog), but you might also want to mess around with the TV's settings. In particular the TV's mode, some modes introduce more filtering or different "enhancements" then other modes. Some of the issue could be your TV thinking it is helping by "smoothing" out the motion or other nonsense.

Also calculating the "retnia" distance is a good basic comparison for ppi and distance to a screen of a size.
I suggest these GSdx settings.
3x Native should look reasonably clear, but there may still be some blur due to upscaling on the horizontal axis (1536 → 1920). If your GPU can handle 4x Native, that should produce a crisp image.

Some alternatives:
• Use 80% zoom (Config→Video (GS)→Window Settings...→Zoom) to play at 3x Native without upscaling (sharp, but with black borders)
• Enable External Shaders in GSdx Shader Configuration, open GSdx_FX_Settings.ini in Wordpad and change the line

  #define TEXTURE_SHARPEN             0


  #define TEXTURE_SHARPEN             1

 Resulting image should be a bit sharper, but might look a bit unnatural in some scenes. Fine tuning the effect config options further down in GSdx_FX_Settings.ini might help.
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