Settings for each game?
I wanna know if i can use same settings for every game?
Cause i used the settings that i play for naruto in game to dragon ball z budokai 3.. The game play is lag which cause around 30-37 fps.. I used speed hack also.. Is it because my lap top cant support this game?
Or i should change the settings to help out? Thanks for the help =)

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It's a no as some games demand your hardware power even greater and you might want to tweak your settings a bit until you reach speed that is considered playable plus not too much compatibility lost...
Then can i just set an optimum which uses 100% of my lap top to play for every game?
There is only a few games that need special settings to get rid of glitches. Generally all run well with default settings. If they're slow, try speedhacks. If the EE Cycle Rate or VU Cycle Stealing does not speed up the game, it is better not use it. Simple, isn't it?

I'm kinda tired of threads whose title is "What is the best settings for ABCXYZ?" and don't bother to answer although I know some special settings they may need. They can find the answer for less than 5 mins, but they are too lazy to do so.
Default settings works with majority of games
Hmm i guess after this post i wont be asking more about settings for other games.
My last question is that default setting is for emulation settings or plugin?
Cause for the plugin i cant seem to find the default button.. Or it doesnt has any?
Thanks and once again sorry.
Graphics: GSDX, which is the fastest under Windows. Just choose the highest version of SSE your CPU supports.
Sound: SPU2X. It is recommended to not mess with it as default values work fine and it does not seem to affect speed whatever you set it to.
Controller: Lilypad is the most popular controller plugin. You can try other too.
CD/DVD: You don't need DVD plugin anymore since the introduction of the built-in ISO reader. Just choose one and leave it be.
Oh, forgot to tell you. Some games benefit from a particular speedhack, while others does not. You should try different speedhack settings for each game. I always keep all recommended speedhacks enabled because of their high compatibility. The 2 sliders (EE Cycle Rate and VU Cycle Stealing) is a bit different. They can speed up the game greatly, but sometimes slow it down, causes bug, and in rare cases crash the emulator. So you should to try to increase their values and see. If there is no speed gain, don't use them.

And it does not take you more than 5 mins to figure out what speedhacks to use.
Thx Livy.. Btw if i still have problem after following all this does that mean that my comp problem??
Btw my comp spec is

intel core i5
2.30 ghz
6gb ram
64 bit windows 7
Nvidia geforce gt540 2gb
It means that you had your PCSX2 badly configured, in that case revert to default settings...

You're using a laptop right? Don't forget to set your power plan to High Performance..

It can be found in control panel or by simply clicking the battery icon beside the clock...

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