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Hey, downloaded the PCSX2 recently and I love it. Just a few issues. (I'm only using it to run Timesplitters: Future Perfect, as its the only game I own Tongue)

The game is playable, atleast, it wont crash, close, ect.
Mainly the issue is my game either runs at hyper speed or slow, when I start campaign or arcade, the game runs fine except huge firefights or areas with lots going on. In hallways or small fights, my game is fine. I think my PCSX2 is either configured wrong or my comp sucks. Or both. Edit: also, the game is playable, as in I can probably beat it start to finish, with some video tearing and lag, but average FPS is 30-60.

Geforce ENGTX 460 ASUS (can be safely overclocked 50% better)
AMD Athlon X4 635 Processor 2.90Ghz
4gb RAM
Windows 7 64Bit
PSCX2 1.0.0
150 Gigabytes Free memory

If you need anymore info just ask and ill add it to this post.

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