Settings to run Ico
I tried searching the forums about this, and at least found that people were getting the game to run. But amid all of the discussion in the thread I was reading, I was having trouble making out exactly what the best settings were. Any help would be great. Thanks.

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there are no "best" settings. if there were, they would already be the default settings of the emulator Wink did you already try the settings posted in the existing ico thread? and why didn't you try to participate in the other thread instead of making a new one?
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I meant best to run that game. I know full well that the same settings wouldn't work for every game, so they couldn't be the default anyway.

And I didn't try to "participate" in that thread because I thought it was dead. My mistake, I guess. And yes, I did try some of the settings mentioned, but they were in bits and pieces throughout the thread with some disagreeing points. Hence why I was asking for a concise list of settings that worked for the game.
In advanced, select extra as clamp modes for ee and vu, otherwise you get hangs or funny moving characters.
I dunno about the GSdx problems in dx9 mode since I used dx10. Works perfectly fine with that.

Oh, and usually the defaults ARE the best working settings. Only very few games (like this one) differ.

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