Setup file won't download?
The problem I'm having is that the setup.exe thing/file/the windows download you click on in the download tab that is 12.0 megabytes, and any other download on the site for windows, keeps stopping/freezing. I have no clue what's going on, though if it helps, the setup download seems to be stopping in the low 20% range. But, sometimes it won't even get past 0% and the first time i tried is the only time it got anywhere past 50%; up to 84%. So, I'm wondering what I can do since I tried disabling security things on my computer, no security tab came up that I can see and I also cleared my recent internet history.

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Which file are you trying to download exactly?

The PCSX2 0.9.8 Full Installer? (<- directly from Googlecode)
Yeah, that's one of the files I tried. I also tried the other downloads in But the one you mentioned is the one I tried most recently.

I just downloaded it in 10 seconds.

Perhaps there's an issue with your connection...?
Okay...that's really weird. Really good, but still weird. That is, whatever problem was going on just resolved itself. Just out of the blue. It was like..I figured I would try one more time and WHAM. Maybe because I had another download going on at the same time? One of the ones that froze? That or the computer is scary smart and knew I hadn't done my chores yet, because just as soon as I finished everything worked. -.-

Anyway, thanks for the support(I'm allowed to say that I hope.) If any other problems occur, I'll be sure to ask.
Another download/updates occuring in the background sure could've hogged the connection at that time.

But now we know what the problem really was...
It appears your motherboard wouldn't let you play until you'd finished your chores. Tongue

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