Severe visual bloom on Mercenaries 1

As you can see in the image, im getting some serious visual bloom when attempting to play this game.

Attached are screenshots of my video setup screen.

i5 - 6600k 
gtx 1060 3gb
8gb ram

Any help would be great, ive spent some time trying to troubleshoot it myself.

One thing i discovered was to press f9 to change from hardware to software.

This stopped the bloom but made the game run at 70% speed.  

Thanks in advance.

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what about ogl renderer ?
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I think the super-bloom issue has been fixed - if using OpenGL (Hardware) renderer on 1.4.0 doesn't solve it, try updating to the latest development build from here.

There may still be some issues with bloom/fog (top half of the screen is brighter, bottom half has banding/stripes).
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Would be worth adding a new test case in the wiki as well.

Downloading the newest dev build and openGL has fixed the bloom, but as you mentioned the bottomhalf has some stripes, and shadows are not working correctly.

You can sort of see it on the truck.
yeah i broached this issue with gregory a while back, they said it is a known issue but they have no plans to fix it yet

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