Shader compatible with GSDX9
I was just wondering if there are any shaders that are compatible with the GSdx9 plugin, as I know the built-in ones only work with GSDx11. But for some games like Xenosaga, the visual glitches that happen with GSdx11 don't happen with GSdx9 despite it being based on an older version of DirectX (which doesn't make sense to me but I  don't know much about the technical aspects of all that) but using 9 means not being able to use shaders, apparently. So I was wondering if there were any shaders (preferably smoothing shaders like gaussian blur or something) that do work with Gsdx9. Thanks for your help!

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Any reason why you can't use DX11 or OpenGL?
(06-24-2018, 06:46 PM)CK1 Wrote: Any reason why you can't use DX11 or OpenGL?

OpenGL is much slower on my machine than the others, and DX11 has graphical glitches that aren't present in DX9 or doesn't display colors correctly in some instances where DX9 does, such as in Xenosaga III. I've attached a couple screenshots to show what I mean. The settings are identical in both plugins, so the only difference is which plugin is being used at the time. the one with the weird washed out hair colors is DX11, and the one where it's right is DX9.

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Do you have an AMD GPU?
Yeah I do. An AMD Radeon R7 370 Gaming 4G.
Can you post a Gs dump ?
CPU: I7-4770 3.9GHZ
Motherboard: Asrock B85M - DGS
RAM: Hyper X Savage 2x8GB 1.6GHZ CL9
OS: Windows 10 Pro 64bit
(06-25-2018, 12:57 AM)lightningterror Wrote: Can you post a Gs dump ?

I realized that the miscoloration in DX11 in Xenosaga III has to do with the dark screen issue there, and though I've followed the instructions on the game's pcsx2 wiki page on how to fix it, it didn't work. But anyway, here's the dump.

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.xz   Xenosaga III Bad Colors Dark Screen DX11.xz (Size: 1,77 MB / Downloads: 156)
Anyway, back to my original question. Are there any shaders that work with DX9, yes or no? And if so, what are they?

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