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Shadow All Over Everything
Hello everyone! I have a question about the PCSX2 emu, Okay so far I tryed playing Ultimate Spiderman just as a test to see if the whole emu works and I noticed everything is very slow/lagged and theres shadows everywhere including the character you play as. However the sound works great but the video isint in sync and is lagged. Alright so my settings are all in the pictures I provided also I am using Windows 7 Home Premium if that helps. Also in there is a pic example of Ultimate Spiderman and my PC settings








Okay well hope that helps and please reply ASAP.

- Thanks -


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Try the game using 0.9.7 beta, a host of bugs and improvements have been introduced in the beta so hopefully one of those fixes your problems with this game
[Image: newsig.jpg]
Thanks for the reply man, yeah I will try now to get that version will let you know what happens

- Thanks -
Alright I tryed everything and all of it works fine except the sound is off sync and slow mo like, and the FPS is a real slow.

Reply ASAP Please

- Thanks -
Could someone please help me the audio isint in sync right and the FPS are too slow!

- Please reply thanks -
Please stop bumping your thread and triple posting, it hasn't even been a day since the last reply. Without your system specs and PCSX2 configuration no one can help you with speed problems.
For the audio try setting SPU2-X Synchronization mode to async mix
[Image: newsig.jpg]

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