Shadow Hearts 2 Judgement Ring delay.
Hello All.

I'm kinda new here. Started emulating today because felt like playing gem Shadow Hearts 2.
Started the game but I noticed during first fight that judgement ring hitbox is kinda delayed by around 1second. So basically to get into red area on it You have to press button way to early.
Is there any workaround it that I dont know of or it's know issue?
Also anyone knows good settings for that game? Or overally full settings to use.

My pc spects are : Gtx 1080 Ti , I7 7700k , 16gb ram.

Help would be very much appriciated o/

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I played this game with pcsx2 1.5 (latest) with default setting without lag.
Only thing I can think of for reducing input lag is going to Config > Audio > Plugin Settings and reducing Latency. I have mine at 20 ms, down from the default 100 ms. If your audio crackles, raise the Latency by small increments.

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