Shadow Hearts 3 Problem
I have one problem with this game, everything runs smooth but there is something wrong. Take a look Tongue

[Image: egy5b9.png]

Yup, that's it. It's annoying -_- and when it changes scenes in the game you can see a faded broken graphic but no biggie.

I'm using PCSX2 0.9.7 r2821
GSdx-SSSE3: Direct3D11 (Hardware), DSD internal res:1280x800, Scaling 2x Texture filtering
and speed hacks are checked.

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1st, svn versions aren't supported.
2nd, dx11 mode is buggy.

get latest public beta (r1888) and set gsdx to dx10 hardware mode
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Known problem, just like with Covenant it work's fine in (Software) renderer but it will be slower and less quality. It's just a minor annoyance if you ask me Tongue

I guess you could try the SkipDraw hack but I doubt it works with it.
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