Shadow Hearts Covenant Game Hang
So I was playing Shadow Hearts Covenant and the game was working perfectly fine, just a few normal slowdowns during heavy processing loads. That all changed when I went into the hall connecting the great hall in the hermitage/petrograd palace to see the empress.

The game has stopped loading anything between scene changes or anything in the menu. Note: The game is not crashing per se it is just hanging any time I try to leave the hallway. Likewise when opening a menu it freezes any input from me with the music still playing and the game time still ticking up.

I've tried almost all of the hacks, I turned off speedhacks, I've switched it to software mode, and nothing seems to be fixing this other than reloading the game to an earlier state. Unfortunately I haven't used the in-game save option for several hours. Any tips on possibly resolving this without wasting quite a bit of time?

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Update: I seemed to have fixed the issue by switching from Direct 11 3d to OpenGL in the GS settings.

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