Shadow Hearts Covenant - Judgement Ring
It seems like this is partly fixed now if you enable "Disable Safe Features" in advanced settings and hacks in gsdx settings.
However, it often shows the wrong character when the judgement ring shows up so I am wondering if there is a setting somewhere which might stop that.

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By any chance were you able to fix this issue?
(04-30-2020, 03:15 PM)faith genesis raven Wrote: By any chance were you able to fix this issue?
Unfortunately not, I have tried everything I can think of but maybe someone smarter than me can work it out  Biggrin
I tried playing around with it but I end up with other bugs even the judgement ring grey screen despite having that feature Disable Safe Features enabled or flickering cut scenes. Anything else I tried didn't solve the issue. Maybe it'll be a weird combination to have it right. But regardless I am very happy that the judgment ring glitch was fixed, just wished that more fans of the series would talk about it...

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