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Shadow Hearts From the New World transparency issue?
(08-26-2015, 10:57 PM)willkuer Wrote: Sure. It has a strong influence. This is what I meant when I said regression. You need to concentrate on the GS plugin. The others don't matter.

You should nevertheless try the latest git release. There was a lot of progress recently. I don't know why I haven't suggested this before, sorry. In the newest git release you should have a look at the opengl renderer as well.

If the latest git release doesn't work you can Google that specific plugin or check the buildbot.

I tried the latest git release along with the opengl renderer and noticed that there were some new options under the Video (GS) plugin menu. When I first tried the opengl renderer without touching any of the new options, the issue persisted, but when I enabled all of the new options and tried again, the graphical glitch was no longer present, meaning I unintentionally fixed it. Technically your suggestion ended up fixing the issue, but is there anywhere I can see detailed explanations of the new options such as: "Blending Unit Accuracy", "HW OGL Depth" and "Accurate Date" so that I know what exactly may have fixed it?

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Look on the main page of .

The changes are described in the two monthly progress reports.

Maybe you can mention which of these hacks solved your problem. According to the name I guess it is DATE but really not sure about that.

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