Shadow Hearts Low FPS(Hardware Mode)
Hello, I've been trying to raise my FPS in hardware mode in Shadow Hearts. I've tried changing everything and I can't get above 38 FPS. I want to play it @ 1080p, but as a last resort I did change it to native and the increase was only 2 FPS, so there has to be something wrong here..

I have an FX 8350 and Radeon HD 7950 3GB, 8GB Ram, Win 7.

Yes if ran in software mode it is a smooth 60 FPS, but there is a video that PCSX2 put up showing Shadow Hearts played fully in hardware mode. Here it is:

I followed the settings there and still can't do it. The only difference is that I am playing the NTSC version.. I am going to try the PAL version and see if there is a difference... Edit: Nope, same thing.

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I was never able to get this game to run playable with my rig either in hardware mode. I have a 2500K overclocked to 4.7 GHz. I am not 100% sure why hardware mode is sooooo slow though.
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Battles and menus run @ 100%, it's outside of battles that I get 38 FPS. Sad
You can't trust videos on youtube. The videos that have fullspeed on games that are known to be really slow/hard to emulate merely used the internal video recorder for PCSX2, which records the gameplay frame-by-frame, so no matter what the final outputted file will be "fullspeed" even if it wasn't so in the actual process of recording.

If it runs at fullspeed on SW mode, you'll just have to put up with that and sacrifice internal res scaling.
From wiki:

Quote:Shadow Hearts
Hardware mode

Type: Slowdown, GFX glitches
Affected Game Versions: All
Description: The game is very GPU-intensive in Hardware mode outside of battles. Additionally, enabling Texture Filtering will lead to visible graphical glitches.
Solution: Use Software mode.
Comment: However, it is safe to switch to Hardware mode during battles. This will avoid slowdowns on weaker CPUs.

GPU intensive huh, better put it on my list.
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Yeah.. guess I'll have to play it through software mode.. although there are slowdowns in battle when you use skills in software mode, but none in battle while in hardware mode. Man. .

Edit: Set EE Cyclerate to 2, slowdown in software mode in battles is still there but not as bad as before.

And yeah, pretty GPU intense. GS sits on 90% in hardware mode.
The game uses a technique for its static backgrounds that's just very slow to emulate.
It is actually fast on the GS though, so here we have a typical example for why PS2 emulation in general tends to be slow.

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