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Shadow Hearts drops down to 60% speed in some areas, despite overpowered hardware
Savestates save bugs too and they may stop working at any time if the next beta update have a change to the save states system
When trying to fix a problem,always try saving to the memory card and load a save from there when you start the game(not load a save state=>save to the card=>load from the card)

And about the fps...hmm,was that game really that demanding?
I just went to Florence in the fountain area and my laptop is struggling to give me speed between 60 and 70
The gpu settings does not matter(the speed is the same between native and 8x scaling)
If I disable the speedhacks,the speed cripples(~25)

i7-6700HQ and GTX1060...the EE is close to 100%

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Here are 2 places guaranteed to cause slowdown:

1) In the Graveyard, which you can access from a savepoint, half-way through the game the gate at the north opens. It's a small area with a tree and sunset. Always slow.

2) In the Blue Castle entrance, with all the trees, where you run up a hill to get to the castle. The speed is very slow the entire area. When I reach the top of the hill and enter the new area, it does a transition when your 3d character model disappears and the camera pans up: when this happens the speed becomes normal again. But then the scene is over 2 seconds later and a new area loads.

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