Shadow Hearts freezes in newest SVN?

Today I tried to run Shadow Hearts with my new HTPC:

AMD X2 5050e
HD 3200
4GB Ram

I used this settings:

Also the speed isnt very good, 70 FPS in the FMVs but just 20-30 with ingame graphics.The games freezes right after the first FMV, where the protagonist opens a door:/ Any ideas?

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Start by disabling all the speedhacks. And the gamefixes.
Also, it's not the latest SVN judging by the config pictures. Not that it should really matter.

As for the speed, enable software rendering in GSDX (faster in latest GSDX svns (after 0.1.14)). Will be slow in battles and foggy scenes unless you're using the latest GSDX SVN with a good CPU. (and even then.)
these aren't my pictures, I just found it in a thread Wink

I already tried software rendering, with loss of 10fps/sec..Any chance to get good fps with my sys in this game? If not there is no need to find the right settings, when I wont be able to play it enjoyable anyway Wink
Are you using GSDX 0.1.14 (or SVN)? Those are much faster with software rendering than older versions.
Nope, but I tried it nowWinkYou mean the version from 12th January 2009, 23:32:00?

Still low speed, also in SW mode, still freeze at the same point without any speedhacks:

... That looks like shadow hearts 3 (probably).
Only Shadow hearts 1 benefits in speed from software mode.
ouh sorry, my fault Sad so any thoughts on this game?
It works perfectly here at full speed.
Whatever GSdx you use,it is not the official 0.1.14 from our download section:
[Image: newsig.jpg]

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