Shadow Of The Colossus and GameDB
Hello dear PCSX2-Team,

i have a question about the game Shadow Of The Colossus [PAL-E] (SCES_533.26 / CRC = 0F0C4A9C) and their GameDB entry (maybe the other regions are also affected):
    mipmap: 2 # Fixes Water with Trilinear.
    trilinearFiltering: 1 # Fixes Water with Mipmap (Full).
    halfPixelOffset: 1 # Fixes misalignments and borders on side.
PCSX2-Version: PCSX2 Nightly - v1.7.3898

Are these entries still correct? Because for me there are no graphical issues only when using Mipmapping: Off. I have added pictures for comparison.

Left image: Mipmapping: Basic / Full (GameDB Settings)
Right image: Mipmapping: Off

Single Frame GS-Dump:

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Yes, the water rendering is not correct with them disabled.

Plus other objects (like the fence in your pictures, and the tree in mine) look much more detailed and full with mipmaps.

mipmapping is the correct behaviour anyway, so no reason to turn it off.

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I have found my problem. GPU Palette Conversion was enabled by mistake. GameDB is correct. Smile

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