Shadow The Hedgehog
Hi Friends

Shadow the Hedgehog playable without glitches, but this game work very slow 27-39 FPS

My PC:

AMD Athlon 64 X2 6000+ 3015Mhz MMX SSE SSE 2 SSE 3
Memory: DDR2 4096MB
Video Card: Ati Radeon 4850 512MB
HDD: 600GB
Windows Vista Home Basic x64 SP2 + Latest Direct X + Updates

Before posting this message, i try all setups, but not solved problem

Please do something, i want play Biggrin

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Have a warning for abusing the bug report forum. Next time read the sticky.
Moved to general discussion.
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Sorry sorry guys ;-)

But you help me? i newbie in this forum!
Please make speed hack in next release, if it impossible right now in Pcsx2-r2169 ;-)
i need this game, this is important for me ;-)

In advance thanks
1 - No requests

2 - If it's so important, simply use your PS2 while pcsx2 developement goes on
CPU : AMD Ryzen 7 3800X
Mobo : Asus PRIME B450-PLUS
GPU : NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3070
RAM : 16 Go
Sorry my PS2 dead :-(
And i don't want buy it again ;-)
I see, no one help me because this game sucks? right?

But... thanks for reading ;-)
If it's playable without glitches as you say, then the developer's jobs have been done. It's not their fault that you have inadequate hardware to run the emulation at full speeds (in this case its your CPU that's holding you back).

Think about the benefits of spending their time developing a speed hack specifically for one single game which is already playable on adequate hardware, as opposed to using that time to make a currently incompatible game, playable.
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AMD Phenom II CPU's can do work at 60FPS?

Known issue my Joystick Saitek P480 Rumble pack can't be set in Lily pad plugin, it just remap unlimited times by one button!

My testing still in progress this game have a lot endings ;-) and it so hard test due to bad speed, i try to finish all game with all story :-)

please give me time and i tell more info, i'm not sure about 100% playable, i must finish all game ;-)

Thanks friends i try to help this project + i have a lot free time for Pcsx2 :-)
Today i downloaded new beta Pcsx2-r2188 looks like it run faster at 3% on some levels, yeah small speed up ;-)

Yeah i very glad it work! and hoppefully playable at 100% Laugh

i finish game with 3 endings, unfortunately this game work stable only in Pcsx2-r2193 beta, in r1888 it have some no noticeable glitches for example in memory card language not english at first start, okay i show picture of my progress:

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