Shadow hearts covenant cheats Problem

I play shadow hearts 2 with cheats. At the beginning when I only had Karin and Nicolai, everything was fine, but when Yuri, Gepetto and Blanca came, all the equipment was suddenly gone and all the items weren't all there anymore. Is this normal and will it come back later?

I hope it was right that I posted my question here.
And if my English isn't right, I'm sorry.

English is not my mother tongue. I'm German.

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The codes you use are damaging the game since the objects should not disappear, you can try these:

Infinite Cash
20102D34 05F5E0FF

Infinite HP (InBattle)
EFA30080 006AEDB4
206AEDBC 240103E7
206AEDC0 A4610130

Infinite MP (InBattle)
D06AEDB4 8FA30080
206AEDC4 A4610136

Infinite SP (InBattle)
EFA30080 006AEDB4
206AEDF4 24010063
206AEDF8 A461013A

Karin Infinite HP
2010054A 000003E7
20100548 000003E7

Karin Infinite MP
2010054C 000003E7
2010054E 000003E7

Nicolai Infinite HP
201009C8 000003E7
201009CA 000003E7

Nicolai Infinite NP
201009CC 000003E7
201009CE 000003E7

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